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The Art of Drowning
All Hallows EP
Black Sails In The Sunset
Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes
Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Very Proud Of Ya

Davey Havok - vocals
Jade Puget - guitar
Hunter - bass
Adam Carson - drums

Today AFI is one of the most lauded, rising young bands as their latest album Sing the Sorrow teeters on platinum status. But what about yesterday? The band honed its sound during its tenure with Nitro Records starting in the midñ90ís. Now, Nitro has just released AFI, a 13-track retrospective showcasing music from all six releases the band recorded for the label.

For fans that recently discovered AFI through Sing The Sorrow, this collection is an essential and immediate introduction into the bandís recorded history. And for the early initiated, the new set includes rare tracks available for the first time on CD.

More than a decade has passed since AFI first formed in Ukiah, CA. The band line-up includes singer Davey Havok, guitarist Jade Puget, bassist Hunter and drummer Adam Carson.

The band made its Nitro debut in 1996 with Very Proud of Ya followed by Answer That and Stay Fashionable (re-release, 1997), and Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes in 1997. Other releases include, the now classic, Black Sails In The Sunset (1999), the All Hallowís EP (1999), and The Art Of Drowning (2000).
Very Proud Of Ya
In Stores
Track List
1. He Who Laughs Last...
2. File 13  >  LISTEN:  LO  HI
3. Wake-Up call
4. Cult Status
5. Perfect Fit
6. Advances In Modern Technology
7. Theory of Revolution
8. This Secret ninja
9. Soap Box Derby
10. Asprin Free
11. Fishbowl
12. Charles Atlas
13. Crop Tub
14. Consult My Lover
15. Take the Test
16. Two Of A Kind
17. Shatty Fatmas
18. Yurf Rendenmenin
19. Cruise Control
20. Modern Epic
None at this time.
The Days of the Phoenix